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  • Consults in the field of radio frequency safety. Provides a range of information and technical documentation, industry news and a calendar of events.
  • Provided by the Federal Communications Commission and includes a range of information and FAQs .
  • Provides independent radio frequency (RF) health and safety solutions to the wireless telecommunications industry.
  • Covers health effects, standards, and equipment design, selection, and application.
  • Supplier of RF Monitoring product that monitors GSM emissions and offers web based reporting.
  • Answers to common questions about the safety hazard of wireless phone usage.
  • Compliance consulting, testing and certification services covering all areas of Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic interference and compatibility, Telecommunications and
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  • communications and Earth Stations. Jim has an extensive background within the telecommunications sector having...&W) national telecommunications
  • SERVICES HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT Laws & Regulations OVERVIEW LEGAL DATABASE ARCHIVE its transport, telecommunications, energy and