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  • Human Resources and Recruiting Islamic Finance Legal Services Management Consulting Market Information...Government Services | Dubai
  • their human resources function, Jobmax (THCS) provides end-to-end HRO. Our approach is to work in...entire human resources function,
  • governmental agencies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to extract deeper reports on their human resources. It will...Intelligence System
  • Ankabut, including Universities, K-12 schools, libraries, health and government agencies, and research..., resources, tools, information and
  • knowledge-based human resources 7. Generate return on investment for all shareholders 8. Optimize Abu Dhabi...conglomerate and a prime mover in
  • technology. The MIS System will be one of the first open source technologies projects in a government agency...modules covering all aspects of business
  • industries, Hanan, a holder of a CIPD accredited Masters degree and a post graduate degree in Human Resources...16 years of experience in business
  • , companies, government agencies, and their target audience. It is our objective to identify the best target
  • include physicians,government agencies, managed care organizations, hospitals, clinical labs
  • the Middle East. Smartworld works closely with government agencies, telecommunications operators
  • services to government, private sector institutions and businesses in the UAE and the region at large. The...rewarding employment. CERT also leads
  • arrivals had risen to 93,000 by 1998. Major sources of government revenue include fees from offshore...expertise and resources to establish and
  • programs that will change the way people in the Emirate use water and support the Abu Dhabi Governments...promoting water efficiency and driving society towards
  • , to large universities and K-12 school districts to federal and local governments worldwide. To...amount of resources consumed by bandwidth-intensive
  • procurement managers select the most relevant resources for each job. A green library catalogues for government entities. However, a company