Solid Fuel, United Arab Emirates

Solid Fuel United Arab Emirates Companies Worldwide
  • Manufactures and installs measurement systems for the monitoring and optimization of coal fired power stations as well as cement plants. in Germany, Europe and worldwide.
  • Develops coal micronization combustion and burner systems, offers design, installation, and turnkey services.
  • Manufactures and distributes replacement boiler tubes and parts for economizers, superheaters, waterwalls, headers, generating tubes, reheaters, sootblowers.
  • Power equipment and power supply systems for railway applications.
  • Provides an overview of the extraction and uses of Latvian peat, and contact information of the member companies.
  • Develops and commercializes proprietary clean-energy technology for coal-fired power plants. Includes information on the technology, pilot plants, company news, and
  • Resource for companies that mine, sell, trade, transport or consume coal.
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