UAE National Sole Establishment part of Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development.Security education is one of the most important aspects of risk management and compliance by the organization as well as for security professionals. Though there is increased level of security awareness in a typical organization, still the techniques and procedures to handle the incident, being proactive to threats, understanding the security policies of the organization and implementing is lacking. Moreover, due to many regulations and legislations, the demand on the organization has become too high and unless the associated employees and partners are aware of the requirements and have the capability and skills to comply with them, it will be a continuous challenge for the organizations.Secredo’s core team consists of research scholars and hands on information security experts and with their team of security experts, Secredo has devised customizable curriculum to support various security standards including ISO 27001, ISI 20000, ISO 31000, HIPAA, Basel II, COBIT, Risk Management, Network Security, custom security awareness training for the organizational employees as well as specific need based in-house training.SpecialtiesExperts in providing Information Security Professional Trainings & Services
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