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  • Provides development, scale-up, and custom manufacturing services for multi-step synthetic products for clients in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech
  • Operates a multi-purpose FDA-registered and DEA-certified plant with a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients production capabilities, including process development,
  • Offers services in the areas of spray drying, blending, and packaging to the food and chemical industries. Information about production- and pilot-scale equipment, and
  • Offers services to the chemical and allied industries in the areas of development, commercialization, and distribution. Activities include custom chemical manufacturing
  • Provides custom drying services for the chemical and mineral industries. Overview of equipment and support facilities, and listing of products types processed.
  • Specialty and custom chemical manufacturer whose products include polyurethanes and curatives, acrylic resins, styrene copolymers, organoborates, and nitrogen
  • Manufacturer of nitroglycerin for pharmaceutical use and of explosive materials for use in propellants, fuel additives, and munitions applications. Also offers custom
  • Toll manufacturer of surfactants, intermediates, and modifiers, with capabilities in fatty esters and alcohols, alkanolamides, phosphate esters, and a range of anionics.
  • Provides custom synthesis, contract research, process development, and toll manufacturing in the areas of flavonoids, coumarins, acetophenones, benzophenones, chromones,
  • Producer of oleochemicals, terpenes, and fumed and precipitated silicas. Also offers toll manufacturing and private labeling services.
  • Manufactures surfactants, buffers, and ion pair reagents, and offers custom chemical synthesis with capabilities in liquid-phase reactions, up to 250 liters. Based in
  • Performs scale-up and production of drug actives and intermediates and cosmetic products, including advanced capabilities in the areas of biocatalysis and radiochemistry.
  • Producer of acetyl acetonates of various metals, dimethylglycine, and photoconductors, also offering custom chemical production. Located in Louisiana.
  • Manufacturer of specialty chemicals and custom blends for the textile, paper, metal working, cosmetic, automotive and enzyme industries; includes company profile and
  • Offers custom manufacturing of chemicals for the electronics, flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical and allied industries. Overview of products and capabilities. Located
  • West Virginia company presents its reactor, centrifuge, dryer, solvent recovery, and QC laboratory capabilities.
  • Research and development company that specializes in custom synthesis of organic compounds.
  • Specialist in custom manufacturing of fine chemicals and organic intermediates from pilot to multi-ton range for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Custom synthesis lab in India manufacturing fine chemicals and intermediates from kilo to ton lots. Overview of chemicals produced.
  • Custom producer of pharmaceutical intermediates in Oregon. Overview of reaction and auxiliary equipment, and sampling of products manufactured.
  • Available in a wide range of materials, since they are all custom made. There are few limitations regarding...chemical resistance. Unique construction
  • , telecommunications, computing, manufacturing, consulting, the government and the military. Program Information...Characteristics Civil Engineering Technology
  • manufactured under license from ABTI in Belgrade by Alubond Europe and in U.A.E by Mulk Holdings FZC. The process. This new generation
  • note, rising a better than expected 0.4% in June (May: -0.2%). Manufacturing and mining output advanced...0.7% mom, outweighing a 1.9% drop in utilities
  • market customized banking solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which contribute 40 percent..., there are 175,000 SMEs in the UAE, concentrated in
  • , most are synthetic manufactured waxes) and used to great effect on wood furniture. Oils and lacquers...chemical name is rather obscure and not
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