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  • Internal audit manual and program for internal audit training and quality assessments.
  • Forum for accountants, enabling discussion of issues in auditing, tax and general accounting.
  • Online resource for balance sheet analysis and the relationship of the key financial statements, the income statement, cash flow and balance sheet.
  • Offers accounting professionals information and support regarding their use of Sage software.
  • Provides information about US accounting, tax and business matters. Also offers training seminars, in-house training and online courses.
  • Provides app
  • An online community where users share experience, knowledge and ideas about IAS, IFRS and auditing.
  • A blog dealing with issues related to conversions to International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as financial reporting developments in the USA and worldwide.
  • Offers original reporting and news analysis on IFRS and accounting standards convergence.
  • An accounting operations community that enables professionals to connect, communicate, and share knowledge with their peers.
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